Sandra Bland’s Family Conducts Funeral Service to Celebrate Her Resilience

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Sandra Bland’s Family Conducts Funeral Service to Celebrate Her Resilience –

The Harris County Medical Examiner ruled Bland’s death a suicide by asphyxiation, but her immediate family believes it was a homicide and have sought out an independent autopsy. The autopsy was ordered on July 19 and the results are said to be available within 48 to 72 hours.

As her loved ones await the autopsy results, they conducted a funeral service to celebrate her resilience in the blunder of heated race relations and police brutality in the Black community. “Our service will be one ofcelebration,” Rev. Theresa Dear said according to NBC News. “We’ll be celebrating the life of Sandy Bland. We have much to celebrate. We’re happy that she found her voice, found her purpose in social justice. We celebrate that she walked and lived in her truth.”

Many people shared their condolences for Bland via social media, posting her photo with encouraging words and even hash tagging her name to spread the word of the injustice. Even New York Times op-ed columnist, Charles Blow, was in attendance and shared his thoughts. “SandraBland’s funeral was celebratory and defiant,” he tweeted.  Read more  Sandra Bland Laid to Rest While Family Awaits Autopsy


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