Defining Beauty with Jouelzy and Guest Naturalistas On How To Be Confident

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Defining Beauty with Jouelzy and Guest Naturalistas On How To Be Confident – On this episode of Defining Beauty:
African American beauty writer and vlogger Jouelzy leads natural hair maven Taren Guy, natural beauty and hair care advocate CharyJay, and Blaisian beauty guru SwirlGirlArmy in discussion as they dish natural beauty tips on how to hone one’s self confidence.How to Be Confident

Developing a tough skin isn’t easy, it is a processes that takes time and reflection. On this episode of Defining Beauty Jouelzy and the other Naturalistas discuss bullying, self love, woman empowerment, and beauty tips to help you amplify your positive attributes that make you feel beautiful. Jouelzy opens up about being bullied as a child and having to reestablish her self confidence.

CharyJay provides words of wisdom for young women who may be allowing outside negativity overly influence their self confidence. Taren Guy recounts being bullied for being “too white” and “too skinny,” with hair that was “too big.” While SwirlGirlArmy reflects on her struggle to embrace her heritage until she found a beauty icon she could identify with, Kimora Lee Simons.

The discussion comes full circle as the collective agrees that establishing your own frame of what is beautiful for yourself, free of judgement and comparison, is the key to true self confidence. Developing a tough skin should never mean allowing the disapproval of others to break you, instead let it fuel the most vital piece to cracking the puzzle that is natural beauty, your self confidence.

Get in on the discussion below. View the video.

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