What the Nyla Elise Clothing Brand Means to Fashion Virtuoso Rick Moore

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What the Nyla Elise Clothing Brand Means to Fashion Virtuoso Rick Moore –

[Written by Bryann Andrea]

Fashion today plays a direct part in Rick Moore’s everyday life.  Rick had this to say about fashion in his life: “It’s the way I move, it’s the way I talk, it’s the way I speak to someone directly Bryann Andrea wears Nyla Elisethrough my garment.” To most people who wear the Nyla Elise brand of clothing, a T-shirt may be just that, a T-shirt.  But for Rick, each of his hand printed T-shirts represents his life, his journey, his struggle, his pain, his happiness, his family, and his friends.

Rick Moore started Nyla Elise in 2009 out of a one-bedroom apartment in North Carolina.  In the beginning, as it still is today, it was common to see this passionate entrepreneur displaying his shirts  at local festivals and events all throughout the United States.  He was recently spotted at the American Black Film Festival NYC  and the Urban World Film Festival.

According to the article Nyla Elise the History of Style,  “Rick wasn’t quite interested in creating new age apparel, however, old school apparel that artistically reflected the 1950’s and 60’s  political activist, scholars, and authors that were prominent leaders. At a time where the economy was Bryann Andrea in Nyla Elise T-Shirtexperiencing hardship, Rick wanted to make a bold statement. He wanted to create a movement and make a difference in communities-with quality products that would make people feel good.”

Well, Rick Moore is doing just that. His clothing makes people feel good and his display of hard work, dedication to his brand, and constant pursuit of his passion has been a huge inspiration to many of us here in NC.   He mentioned, “I want the shirts to represent everyone as a community no matter your walk of life or lifestyle!”

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Last weekend, I was very proud to pose for photos wearing  Nyla Elise T-shirts.

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Photo Credits: Diamond District Photography

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