Living Together After Divorce Is a Common Trend

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Living Together After Divorce Is a Common Trend – What factors into a couple deciding to live together under the same roof after they’ve decided to pump the brakes in their relationship? Why is living together with your Ex-spouse such a common trend these days?  Well, maybe the kids are one  good reason couples are living together after divorce and money is another.

According to Julia Garwood, managing co-parenting and extended family issues after divorce is important for the sake of your children. Getting along with your ex supports your child’s happiness, well-being and sense of security. Often there are issues with extended family members though. If there are extended family members that are of concern, you can bring that to the attention of the court and stipulate that certain people are not to be watching the child or allowed to be alone with the child.

Remember, the courts are only interested in the best interest of the children. Learn more in this video

MadameNoire shared that Online legal directory shed some light on how common living together after divorce can be. When you stop and think about it, there are tons of reasons why exes would make the choice to share the same address for a period of time. Kids are often a huge factor, as many parents don’t want to disrupt the normalcy if their lives. So it might be easier for some to grit their teeth and keep a smile until their child heads off to college. Personally, I think that would be more of a prison sentence (my folks divorced when I was five but were able to co-parent).

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The biggest explanation notes for living together post-divorce is money. “Rather than take a big loss on the house, ex-spouses are deciding to jump from marriage partners to roommates, hoping that the economy and the housing market will turn around and they can sell the home sooner rather than later.”

Well that makes a bit of sense.

Even though the housing market appears to be healthy for now, that doesn’t mean homeowners aren’t faced with financial hardships. Real estate experts are paying close watch to a shift that appears to make renting more affordable than purchasing a home. Even with reduced home prices and historically low interest rates, the option to rent looks to be a more favorable choice that can leave those looking to sell their home in the back seat.   Read Would You Live with Your Ex After Divorce to Save Money?

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