Lila Nikole Swimwear Collection with Aisha Thaila, Ayisha Diaz and Kimmy Maxx

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Lila Nikole Swimwear Collection with Aisha Thaila, Ayisha Diaz and Kimmy Maxx –

Lila Nikole Swimwear

In 2009, The Lila Nikole Collection, made a break from Amaya Swimwear and the Lila Nikole brand is quickly becoming one of the fastest rising brands in the swimwear industry.  The newly vamped swimwear brand has only moved in one direction, forward.   With each passing year, the momentum continues to build as a direct result from the effort, creativity and fashion forward instincts of the designer, Lila Nikole Rivera.

Pick up almost any publication  and thumb through the pages and what you’ll find is The Lila Nikole Collection.  The collection has been in Elle, Sports Illustrated, 944, OK!, The Source, Vibe and many more.  Lila Nikole’s work has been paired with a great number of celebrities from Will Smith, Kim Kardashian, Jenny McCarthy, Keyshia Cole, Mya, Vivica Fox, Serena Williams, and more, which resulted in her becoming labeled as the celebrity’s favorite swimwear designer. The list continues to grow.


Source: Lila Nikole

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