Kwasi Enin’s Essay on Music got him Accepted to all Eight Ivy League Schools

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Kwasi Enin’s Essay on Music got him Accepted to all Eight Ivy League Schools – Read the Essay here.

Kwasi Enin was an exceptional High School Student who scored 2250 out of 2400 on his SAT. In 2014, he accomplished an astonishing feat when he was accepted to every college he applied to, including all of the eight Ivy League Schools. The Business Insider did a review of exactly what it was that the college admissions boards were looking for. What they discovered was Kwasi Enin’s essay that examines the impact music has had on his intellectual and personal development opened the door to all the colleges this young man applied to.

Just as all the college admission boards found Kwasi’s essay to be a powerful and moving piece of literature, we too have been moved by his words.  What particularly tugs at us for attention was his view of leadership and how music has taught him about balance and improvement, virtues that only music could have bestowed on him. In his essay Kwasi states, “Leadership is not always about directing others. The most important task of a leader is to create harmony among each member of the group, which reveals the groups maximum potential.”

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Read the full essay, below from the New York Post:

Kwasi Enin’s College essay

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