Wayne Colley Kountry Wayne Jokes About Social Media Likes

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Wayne Colley Kountry Wayne Jokes About Social Media Likes –

Now, don’t we all wish we had social media’s approval in the way Wayne Colley does? Comedian and entertainer Wayne Colley (Kountry Wayne) can rack up likes in the thousands within minutes of an Instagram or Facebook post.  Wayne’s Instagram has over 150,000 followers and likes for his posts average 2,000 or more per post. On Facebook, Wayne is followed by over 2 million followers and his video clips are shared 2,000 times on average, while the likes on many of his video clips reach over 12,000.

Funny clip on getting 200 Facebook Likes:

[mfb_pe url=”https://www.facebook.com/841762965902688/videos/vb.841762965902688/889448434467474/?type=2&theater” mbottom=”50″]

This from Social PR Chat: “According to Facebook, a like is a way to give positive feedback or to connect with people you care about. If you like a Facebook Page, it’s similar to subscribing to an email list, only you receive “stories” via your social news feed. Liking a brand or personal post is considered a positive vote of approval. Likes can also give a brand or person an immediate feeling of gratification, whether it is for a news event, blog post, a new baby, or an opinion.

Even grandma is asking for a like: You know things are bad when your grandmother is texting and asking to like her granddaughter’s posts so she can get more likes on Instagram! What’s wrong with this picture? What happened to baking cookies and sending cards? Today’s reality: The obsession with the like and the number of friends or followers on a network is a belief that makes someone popular and, well, liked. And the sad part is that it’s not about the quality; it’s about the quantity — that is, how many likes can you get and how fast you can get them.”

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Do we have a sort of psychotic obsession with getting likes on social media? It doesn’t matter what medium the like appears on. Facebook Page and Post likes, Instagram likes, LinkedIn likes, Pinterest likes — you name it, we want the likes.

We leave you with one huge problem regarding social media. Once the social media connection is severed, the feeling of support and friendship is gone.  If we don’t focus on building real life relationships, once we put down our cell phones, shut down our laptops, and totally go offline, we should all anticipate feeling a bit of emptiness in our lives.  Instead of chasing likes, our time would be better spent building REAL likes, with REAL people, with one-on-one interaction.

Source: Social Media PR

Image Courtesy of Wayne Colley Facebook

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