Hip Hop Stars and Rappers Who Used a College Education to Ignite Their Careers

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Hip Hop Stars and Rappers Who Used a College Education to Ignite Their Careers – [Written by Bryann Andrea] –

One thing is for sure, being educated has not been viewed as a part of the hip hop image. But you’ll be surprised how an education has helped a lot of high-profile rappers achieve success.

I had a conversation with Chocolate Informed Online Magazine’s editor and asked him about ways students could leverage a college education after graduation.  What he replied back with was surprising.  He stated,  “In order to leverage an education you must use it to its maximum advantage.  An education can be viewed as a key being placed into a car’s ignition. As a graduate you will hold the key (your education) in the palm of your hands. The world is the ignition and many graduates will put the key into the ignition, but will fail to turn the key to fire up the engine. ” Once you understand or find a need to turn the key,  you will know how to leverage your college education.”

He used rappers and Hip Hop stars that had degrees as an example of how the key (education) can be turned to ignite a successful career. Rappers rarely if ever advertise their degrees , but look at the list of rappers below who have applied their educational backgrounds to make chart breaking albums.

J. Cole graduated magna cum laude from St. John’s University with a degree in Communications and a minor in Business.

Aesop Rock attended Boston University, where he earned a BA in Fine Arts.

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Ice Cube briefly studied architectural drafting at the Pheonix Institute of Technology in the late 1980s. He has sustained a successful music and acting career ever since.

Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs attended Howard University before dropping out to become an executive at Uptown Records.

Lil Wayne attended the University of Houston (UH) for part of 2005 and he also enrolled at Phoenix University to take online courses in psychology.

Ludacris: Ludacris studied music management at Georgia State University (GSU) from 1998-1999. He used his education and co-founded Disturbing tha Peace Records.

David Banner has a bachelor’s degree in business from Southern University. He also pursued a master’s in education from the University of Maryland.

Plies played football for two years at Miami University before transferring to the University of Central Florida. He started his music career as a producer with his brother on their independent label Big Gates Records.

In the same way these rappers used education to ignite their careers, so must all college graduates.  Find a way to parlay your education into a career that matches your passion and drive. Now, you see the meaning behind leveraging your degree.

Sources: Finish Your Degree and the Study.com

Bryann Andrea Guyton

Bryann Andrea

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