Chary Jay Moderates a Conversation About Low Self Esteem and Low Confidence

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Chary Jay Moderates a Conversation About Low Self Esteem and Low Confidence – Watch as Chary Jay moderates a conversation with DailyCurlz, SwirlGirlArmy, and Bianca Alexa about how low self esteem and low self confidence can lead to anorexia, bulimia, extreme weight loss, and eating disorders.

Confidence and a positive self esteem is key for any Naturalista and all individuals in general.   Hair care and natural hair advocate Char Jay leads simple beauty vlogger Bianca Alexa, natural beauty and hair care advocate DailyCurlz, and Blaisian beauty guru SwirlGirlArmy in discussion as they discuss the struggles that come with body image, and how it defines beauty.

Learn how to be confident, and manage expectations about your body image and self worth. Char Jay speaks about her long time struggles with weight, including developing an eating disorder as a young teen after being bullied at school and home. Bianca Alexa talks about managing expectations and learning to love and appreciate what you have. SwirlGirlArmy focuses on the always changing evolution of beauty standards. While DailyCurlz discusses not trying to compare yourself to others, especially those you see online.


Executive Producer: Court Petrie
Producer: Trish Lindo

About Defining Beauty:
Welcome to The Platform’s Defining Beauty, a 6 part series where women of color are given a forum to discuss ethnic beauty, natural hair, and redefining today’s beauty standards. Defining Beauty brings together beauty vloggers, natural hair mavens, and a collective voice reflecting the struggles to define, personify, and embrace their natural beauty and natural hair. These voices include many of our favorite beauty girls Taren Guy, HeyFranHey, Nik Scott, ShamelessMaya, Naptural85, and Jouelzy! From natural hair products, makeup for ethnic women, to natural hairstyle tutorials these women are leaders within a community of women re-defining beauty. While centered around ethnic beauty, Defining Beauty touches on issues and gives advice on topics facing women of all shades, shapes, and backgrounds such as body image, hairstyles, makeup, self esteem, and more. Natural beauty is multifaceted as it comes from within, and it is not solely physical. You are more than your beauty. Trust your talent, chase your dreams, and believe in yourself. Join the conversation!

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