Comparing Skills: Barber Richard Mendoza of Filthy Rich Barbershop and Phylicia Goins of She’s The Barber

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Comparing Skills: Barber Richard Mendoza of Filthy Rich Barbershop and Phylicia Goins of She’s The Barber

Like maestros in the world of music, these two tremendously skilled barbers, Rich the Barber and She’s the Barber have been successful at orchestrating their way through social media.  Rich the Barber, who has been in business since 2006, commands an Instagram following of around 17,000 and She’s the Barber which was founded in 2014,  is in pursuit to follow along the trail that Rich has blazed.

About Rich the Barber: Sources at the New York Post tell us that, “Richard Mendoza was celebrating the grand opening of his own shop in Queens in 2006 when a moment of inspiration struck.

Mendoza expertly carved the NYC skyline into the back of an adventurous client’s head with the end of his razor. Afterward, he posted photos of his creation on the biggest social media site of the time, Myspace. The photos were a hit — earning Mendoza comments and friend requests from fans around the world.

Thanks to his @richthebarber Instagram account — which has more than 17,000 followers — he’s drawn a global roster of clients to his modest shop, which sits under the elevated 7 train platform.”


About She’s the Barber:  She’s the Barber has quickly become popular and damn near a household name in the Washington D.C. area. The word is spreading all along the east coast about this beautiful model type,  female barber with skills like that of Rich the Barber.

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Phylicia models, has written and contributed articles to Chocolate Informed Online Magazine, and gives amazingly fresh cuts to hundreds of clients as she travels to and from college campuses, nursing homes, and community centers.  She also performs her stylish cuts in Angels Salon in Alexandria VA. Both barbers are in high demand and have clients calling to find out when these barbers will be in town.

Video Courtesy of Devin Johnson


Below Richard Mendoza is pictured with Austin Rivers as he traveled through the city with his clippers and stopped in to give Rivers a needed haircut.

Rich the Barber Austin Rivers Hair Cut



Phylicia Goins cuts with precision like accuracy….

Cut by Shes the Barber

Follow these highly skilled maestros with clippers in hand as they command the attention of celebrities, professional athletes, and fashion and editorial magazines.  These two barbers continue to wow and fascinate us with their unique and creative skills.  Stay tuned, because the journey is just beginning…


barber Richard Mendoza. Filthy Rich Barber Shop is located at 6312 Roosevelt Avenue Queens NY. photo by Stefano Giovannini

Photo by: Stefano Giovannini


Phylicia Goins

Photo by: Phylicia Goins



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