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Now, I don’t normally brag, nor do I ever see a need to boast, because what I do is not about me. It’s all about YOU! Maybe you didn’t see the lightning strike or hear the thunder coming… So let me inform you about one of the HOTTEST, fastest growing websites on the planet,www.chocolateinformed.com.

Here’s the news: There are over 1 Billion Websites in the world and according to Competitive Website Intelligence reports, Chocolate Informed Online Magazine moved up 7,568,591 positions in the World Website Rankings. Our site ranks 890,756 out of all websites in the United States. And guess what? We haven’t even hit our first year anniversary date. We’re just getting started.

So, you’re damn right I’m proud of that. But let me give credit where credit is due. All the credit goes out to all of YOU who are sharing your stories and spreading the word about Chocolate Informed Online Magazine. Thank you for the support. Now, let’s go get the number one spot!

There are hundreds of people that deserve to be mentioned below and you know exactly who you are. But I’ve been up all night, so please forgive me if I’m just too tired to type a long list of all of you. So, for now here’s just a few:

– with Tonesha Finley, Claudia Jordan, Olivia Alexa, Imani Speaks, Jose Gonzales, Phylicia Goins, Gregory Malonson, Louis Tinsley, Bryann Guyton,Pamela Harris, Nik Kouture, Martinez Walthall, Glenn D. Andrews, Joe Handsome, Ariadne Joseph, Tiffany Alston, Jen Snyder, Tiffany Carter,Michael Croom, Leah Williams, Makeup By “Tink”, and the one poised to become known as one of the best writers in the industry Nyaa- Simone.

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