‘The War Room’ True Forgiveness: Poet Zaaron Explains How the Movie War Room Gave Her Another Perspective

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‘The War Room’  True Forgiveness: Poet Zaaron Explains How the Movie War Room Gave Her Another Perspective –
ZaaronYES! I actually went to go see the movie WAR ROOM and it re-awakened the depth of my call and also provided another perspective on true forgiveness, mercy, Grace..

God’s love for us while we are yet in our sin consumes my imagination and breaks me down to my greatest weakness which allows my humility to chastise my need to rebel.. I needed that word to push me and light my desire to stay the course of this anointing that drives me to the very end of my WILL in which it releases me into the supernatural where God carries the burden that I have been chosen to carry out while in this earth plane… It’s amazing and I’m humbled by the charge and the gifts he has given me to overcome the most challenging of tests that goes against my natural inclination to resist.

I resist the desire to run away but I run within to find the treasure in which God wants used to break open the charred hearts that are LOCKED away that I’m called to minister to. My call is to simply show that God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34) and what lies within you screams free when soul connects to spirit and breaks down humanness to get to DESTINY. God covers the sin by his GRACE to expose who HE really is…. “THE ONE” that created the template for which we were founded upon and therefore we should stand firm in the truth that tells us all in the silence of our midnight hour that we should answer, we do yearn,and there is more for you and me to explore and everything that your journey calls for is right there within you waiting to be released into the realm of possibility where God transcends our feeble thoughts and transforms our lives for that of others.

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This is the LOVE that covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8) and this love heals and provides a peace that surpasses all understanding and confounds the wise. What a Joy to be…BE with the “I AM”. I breathe free awwww Hallelujah!…..HZGRACE


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