Against the Grain: New Urban Clothing Line Launched by Phylicia Goins of She’s the Barber

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Against the Grain: New Urban Clothing Line Launched by Phylicia Goins of She’s the Barber

– Against the Grain –

The apparel fabricated to compliment the people’s ambition for individuality and personal style.
Founded and launched in 2015, Against the Grain is an Independently Owned, Urban Sportswear Brand.  Designed for unique individuals who don’t seek validation; who choose to run their own race; and those who never fear to go against the norm… The fashionable apparel clothing line represents a go-getters mentality and drive.

Against the Grain - Phylicia Goins

Phylicia Goins – Against the Grain Clothing

Founder, Phylicia Goins went to bed one evening, starving for a new idea and awakened the next morning at 5am with an idea that would motivate and inspire people who constantly encounter the word “no,” but who still insist on forging ahead against all odds.

Against The Grain is a brand that represents those individuals who have been shunned by the people around them. It represents those who had banks and investors tell them no. It represents people who are frowned upon and looked at, as if they were crazy.  I’m a barber and from OUR perspective, we can’t do a fade, a taper or create new styles without going Against the Grain…”  Phylicia Goins
Against the Grain Clothing, contact
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Against the Grain

Creative Brand Director- Christina Bonner “While society constantly sets guidelines on how I should dress, what makes me cool, the level of education I need to be successful, what kind of job I need to survive, and how I should speak about my faith, no one has ever been remembered or made an impact by doing life with society’s rules…That’s why I do life against them. Legends are made against the grain.

For more information about Against the Grain Clothing, contact

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