TRAEDONYA Delivers Funk and Soul with ‘Simply Beautiful UR’ Ft. Irish Soulflower

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TRAEDONYA Delivers Funk and Soul with ‘Simply Beautiful UR‘ Ft. Irish Soulflower –

After 5 years, TRAEDONYA is back with the brilliant soul and jazz infused ‘Simply Beautiful UR’ in which Traedonya struts over a funky slow tempo groove with complete ease.   TRAEDONYA! AKA ”The Bride Of New Funk Hipopera” designed a special lyric video for her ”indie hit” single Beautiful UR ft. Belfast poetess Irish Soulflower.

According to The Music Brewery, “Her vocals are smooth, full of passion and intimately seductive drawing you in and leaving you feel as though you’re getting a private performance from Traedonya. The groovy yet simplistic production provides the perfect platform for Traedonya’s vocals to take centre stage alongside Irish Soulflower who chimes in every so often to provide a different level to the new song keeping it fresh throughout.”

The song has been embraced by the blogosphere’s independent bloggers, online magazines and independent internet radio tastemakers. Since the songs early July 2015 release Beautful UR  has organically grown and spread out.

The song was created by Soul Legend Al Green in 1972. TRAEDONYA! has done her unique interpretation. Towards the end of the video TRAEDONYA! introduces her brand new logo.  Take a look at the video below:

Born in North Carolina and raised between the South, New York, and the West Indies, TRAEDONYA! has been witness to some of the most diverse rhythms of cultures, music, and people. It is this that truly makes her own style so memorable. If you ask her now, she’ll tell you her musical influences range from the unforgettable classics of artists like Mary J. Blige and Billy Holiday to the underground sounds of Drum-n-Bass, 2 Step Garage, and Trance. It is this diversity that TRAEDONYA! always brings to the table.

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