From High School to the NFL Adrian Peterson Says He was Ready

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From High School to the NFL Adrian Peterson Says He was Ready –

Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings rushed for 2,960 yards and 32 touchdowns as a high school senior in 2003 and then went on to rush for 1,860 yards with 15 touchdowns — 5.9 yards per carry — as a true freshman at the University of Oklahoma. With those stats on his side, Peterson feels he was ready to jump from High School to the NFL.

-via Peterson stated:

“Not to sound cocky or anything, or confident, but yeah, I do feel like I could have came out my senior year of high school and played in the NFL,” Peterson said Monday on a conference call with Denver-area media leading up to Sunday’s game. “I really do. And I’ll just say this, people were like ‘well, physically you just weren’t ready.’ I came in my freshman year and I was up for the Heisman, had a pretty good season, was the leading rusher.”

“And there were guys that went in the league that year, like Cedric Benson, I felt like my freshman year I should have won the Doak Walker Award [for the nation’s top college running back], but they gave it to him — I kind of got off topic there. But anyway … I feel like I was a better player than him. And so it’s like, ‘I’m a true freshman, and if Cedric can go in [to the NFL] and play, then why couldn’t I do it?”’

So why the NFL Minnesota Vikings Stop Sign?

Can a high school football player go straight to the NFL? The current rules don’t state that a player has to attend college in order to enter the NFL. However, a player must be out of high school for at least three years before entering the NFL draft.

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