Allie Madison 21-Year Old College Student Makes $100,000 a Year on the Internet

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Allie Madison 21-Year Old College Student Makes $100, 000 a Year on the Internet –

While many college students spend their junior and senior years interning for companies and anticipate leaving college with student debt, Allie Madison spends her dorm room days in front of her camera branding herself as a video spokesperson, public relations practitioner, and writer on Fiverr (  

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Allie Madison started Fiverr when she was 18 and made $100,000 by the time she was 20. She says that she likes Fiverr a lot because the startup costs are very low and you only need a computer and internet to start.

Madison recounts how she first discovered Fiverr:

“Right before graduating high school, I was working this horrible lifeguarding job, making minimum wage just sitting bored out of my mind. I’ve always loved the internet and finding ways to make money online. I came across Fiverr from an article. I added it to my bookmarks, not to work on there, but just to check it out. It’s really cool that you can buy a bunch of things for $5. I thought I would buy something. This was in 2012, and at the time Fiverr was all these crazy gigs.

My whole life I’ve never enjoyed following rules and working for other people. I guess that might come from my dad. He has his own business going on, and he hasn’t worked for a boss. I thought it was really cool that he doesn’t have anyone to answer to. That’s probably where I got the bug. I like having control, and I don’t want to have a boss that controls my life. I like having plenty of free time. I also think life is too short to do something you hate. I found a job that I absolutely love.”

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