Nike’s Power Lacing Back to the Future Sneakers Released

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Nike’s Power Lacing Back to the Future Sneakers Released – Nikki Kouture

October 21, 2015, was the date that Marty McFly arrived in the future in Back to the Future: Part II.  It may also have been the date that Nike finally released a pair of power-lacing sneakers modeled after the ones Marty wears in the film.

According to GQ, back in 2011, Nike released the limited-edition replica Nike Mag Shoes, epic in their own right but which did not actually self-lace. Now the designer has confirmed that a pair with power laces will come in 2015.

And following tonight’s tweet from Nike, we can only assume that tomorrow will be the release date.  Read more on the story via


Nikki Kouture

Nikki Kouture

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