Issa Rae Addresses Lessons In Equal Pay From Corporate America in PSA

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Issa Rae Addresses Lessons In Equal Pay From Corporate America in PSA

Black women are some of the hardest working women in America and we still make just 60 cents for every dollar a White man earns. But it’s not just us. Both White and Latina women make less than men, to the tune of 79 cents and 55 cents respectively. While politicians have talked about the need to close the wage gap, some folks still don’t get it. That’s why our favorite awkward homegirl, Issa Rae, teamed up with Make It Work to shine a light the issue.

Like many Americans, Rae wasn’t aware women still made drastically less than their male counterparts. She thought the fight for women’s rights meant women had the same earning power as men. Unfortunately, she was wrong. “I was one of many Americans who just didn’t know men and women weren’t being paid the same. It did not cross my mind that it was still an issue,” she told ESSENCE. “So I figured if I didn’t know, lots of other people didn’t know.” Read more on this story…

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