Pook Nado Saucing It Up For the Ladies with New Hit Single “Let’s Get It!”

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Pook Nado Saucing It Up For the Ladies with New Hit Single “Let’s Get It!” – Nikki Kouture
Pook NadaArtist Pook Nado from Duplin County “NC” is making his way in the music industry. Growing up with older cousin’s that were doing music inspired him to become a rapper. Coming from a single parent household where he had to step up and be the man at a early age taught him nothing comes easy you gotta grind hard to get what you want, and that’s been his matto ever since!

Pook Nado has been doing music off and on since his teenage years, but for the last five years he’s been taking it a lot more serious. His First mixtape is on reverbnation title POOKNADO presents P.O.D.S  (Prince Of DA Stix).

Outside of the usual trap and hard core rap, Pook Nado is saucing it up for the ladies with his new hit single “Let’s Get It!” The hot new single will be featured on his up coming mixtape Pods Two. “Let’s Get It” lyrics are very catchy with a futuristic medium up tempo beat.

I’m sure the ladies will be able to relate and vibe to it! Pook Nado says “He’s the top shop OG guy that she’s looking for.” “Anything she wants she knows I’m wit it!”

Check out Pook Nado’s single, “Let’s Get It” below:

Check out Pook Nado videos on on YouTube.

Contact by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @PookNado

Written by: Nikki Kouture

Nikki Kouture

Nikki Kouture

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