Jeremy Lin Gets Comfortable with His New Hairstyle and the Charlotte Hornets

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Jeremy Lin Gets Comfortable with His New Hairstyle and Playing for the Charlotte Hornets –

Last night, Jeremy Lin and the Charlotte Hornets lost to the Atlanta Hawks, 94-92, but what has the Twitter world talking is Lin’s heavily gel’d spiked hair.

Jeremy Lin's  Hairstyle

NBA – Comfortable with his role as a reserve combo guard for the Charlotte Hornets, Lin has seen it from all sides, as an afterthought, a pop culture phenomenon and now a journeyman, of sorts, just trying to carve out a niche for himself in a game that can propel you to international stardom one day and leave you questioning your worth the next.

“It’s been a great fit for me,” Lin said about everything from the way he’s interacted with coach Steve Clifford and his staff, particularly Stephen Silas, who worked with Lin during his rookie season with the Golden State Warriors, and the overall experience with a Hornets team trying to scrap its way back to the playoff mix in the Eastern Conference. “I think Charlotte is definitely a little more low-key than some of the other cities I’ve played in. But aside from New York, I never really worried too much about the outside noise. I kind of got used to it. It didn’t really affect me the way it might have in the past.”

These days, Jeremy may not let the outside noise affect him too much, but Twitter immediately went off on him about his new hairstyle and didn’t spare any expense. Jeremy Lin’s New Hairstyle Got Him Roasted on Twitter

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