Roberto Blake Triples His YouTube Following and Gets Featured in Forbes

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Roberto Blake Triples His YouTube Following and Gets Featured in Forbes –

On Nov 8, Roberto Blake was featured in a Forbes Magazine article,  How To Grow A Following On YouTube (From An Entrepreneur Who Tripled His Subscribers In 2015)

The Fayetteville, NC, creative entrepreneur recently passed 60,000 subscribers on YouTube, and while that may not seem all that impressive in a viewing culture that has brought personalities like Jenna Marbles, Tyler Oakley and PewDiePie, Roberto’s videos are actually helping people like him all around the world practice what he preaches. He has a real passion for creative entrepreneurship and empowering others, and the community he’s built around his creative philosophy is a reflection of his commitment to his following.

It hasn’t come easy. “Two years ago, no one knew who I actually was,” explains Roberto. “I’ve made over 500 videos in that time, and I’ve learned you can’t give up if you don’t feel you aren’t getting traction after 10 or 20.”

Roberto’s channel (according to his stats) gets over 250,000 channel views per month on average, with a total average watch time of 1,000,000 minutes (or almost 2 years) per month!

Read more on this story and get the tips about getting started in your journey to grow a loyal, engaged YouTube following. Click here…

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