Buying Your Next Car from a Vending Machine with Carvana

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Buying Your Next Car from a Vending Machine with Carvana –

A company called Carvana, is taking a fresh look at doing things differently when it comes to yo purchasing your next car. A technology start-up company, Carvana has a mission to making purchasing a car a far better experience by  bringing technology, transparency, and exceptional customer service to the car buying process.   Carvana ranked 5th on Forbes List of America’s Most Promising Companies for 2015.

Backed by DriveTime, Carvana is touted as a 100% online car buying company with operations in Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville, Charlotte, and Birmingham.

The company offers potential car buyers the opportunity to browse, finance and purchase a car online with available delivery or pick up at its car vending machine in as little as 48 hours.

Watch video below.

MSN – With the Nashville vending machine, customers will have the same purchasing experience they have always had. Carvana offers a variety of brands, such as Ford and Tesla, and a huge range in prices, anywhere from $7,000 to $90,000. The only difference in the customer’s experience is the delivery method.

The vending machine features a glass tower that hold five tiers of vehicles and up to 20 cars, and the way it works is fairly simple.

Customers order their Carvana used car online, they then go to the Welcome Center where they are given a commemorative coin to insert into the slot, a robotic arm then pulls the car out onto a pallet that takes the car to its delivery bay and once their car has reached its delivery bay, customers can inspect the car and take it home.

Garcia said creating the vending machine works as a solution to customer concerns about having their car delivered straight to their home.

“There are still customers who have been bruised and wounded by their historical car purchasing experiences, so they’re not super comfortable with an automotive retailer coming to their door so they would rather go somewhere to get the car,” he said. “They feel like it’s easier to walk away probably, so I think we didn’t really anticipate that because we knew we wouldn’t be giving customers that experience, but that is real.”

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