Breaking up Because the Sex is Bad

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Breaking up Because the Sex is Bad – A dead sex life might seem like something you can work with — and it definitely is in some cases — but if you are just NOT attracted to your partner like you used to be, are you okay going without that strong physical attraction?

Is bad sex always a deal-breaker? The hosts are divided! Check out this video to see who says “absolutely” and who says “no way.”

Sex therapist Tracy Cox had the following to say on the topic:
“With a bit of encouragement, a timid lover can quickly turn into a terrific one. What’s crucial is their central attitude to sex. Have they just led a sheltered life or do they secretly think sex is something ‘dirty’, to be endured rather than enjoyed?
If it’s the former, stick around. If it’s the latter, you’re got to challenge their childhood and/or religious presuppositions to make a difference. This isn’t an easy job. Do they want to change? Are you willing to put the work in? It’s do-able but it’s going to take effort.”

“Removing regular sex from a highly sexed person’s daily routine is as unthinkable to them as deciding not to clean their teeth anymore. Low sexed people wouldn’t notice if they hadn’t had it for a few months. Mismatched libidos – one wants sex more than the other – is one of the most common sex problems experienced by couples and while it is fixable, by God you’re in for a battle. How much do you like this person? If you’re completely smitten, try to sort it out. But if you’re lukewarm about the whole thing, save yourself a lifetime of trying to balance sexual scales and get out now.”

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