Tiannia Barnes Debuts her Fall & Winter Line of Luxury Women’s Shoes

Tiannia Barnes, founder, CEO and designer of the Tiannia Barnes brand
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Tiannia Barnes Debuts her 2015 Fall & Winter Line of Luxury Women’s Shoes –

Luxury women’s shoe designer Tiannia Barnes is implementing a new take on luxurious shoes by adding a touch of both comfort and style to the women’s luxury shoe market. Utilizing her entrepreneurial spirit and background in business, Barnes has created a line strongly targeted towards fashionably conscious women on the go.

According to Forbes,  Tiannia Barnes an IT program manager with undergraduate degrees in mathematics and industrial engineering, as well as an MBA, is also a single mother of a 10 year old. Yet, amidst the parenting and IT responsibilities, she is launching a fall 2015 collection of her own luxury shoe designs, manufactured in Italy.

Photo Credit: Forbes.com

Photo Credit: Forbes.com

Her out of the gate debut line exudes a unique elegance, glamour, and grace with designs influenced by jewel tones and varying deep colors and opulent textures. Tiannia Barnes’ shoes’ mixture of colors and hardware allow each shoe to comfortably be worn for long periods of time as well as transition easily from day to night. Prices run from $350 to $595 and can be ordered via special email on the company’s website.

“My goal is to change the face of high end footwear. It is possible to wear sexy 5 inch heels without sacrificing style or ending up at the podiatrist. Women don’t want to have to change their shoes to sneakers by the end of the day. We want to carry our complete look from day to night,” states Barnes, who is the founder, CEO and designer of the Tianna Barnes brand. “I want my customers to feel bold, edgy, confident, classic, and comfortable at the same time. The shoes are designed to seamlessly take women from the office to happy hour, charity events, or just a walk around town.”

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Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Barnes’s passion for design began at a young age. However, she chose to take her career in a different direction, obtaining dual degrees in Mathematics and Industrial Engineering, as well as an MBA. Barnes had a successful career as a program manager for a global IT and business management consulting firm, but one day she found herself sketching footwear, going back to her early love of design. Encouraged by family and friends, she attended shoemaker school in Cleveland, Ohio, and soon developed her own line of footwear, a collection consisting of 5 styles, including a flat, two pairs of pumps, and two booties, all constructed in Italy and made from fine leather or suede.

For more information on Tiannia Barnes or her brand, visit www.tianniabarnes.com.

Shop online now at www.squareup.com/market/tianniabarnes.

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