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All that is Glitz and Glamour for the Girls

The Styles of Imagination collection — All that is Glitz and Glamour for the Girls- According to Fashion Designer Diane Linston, fashions should always be high-key, up beat and fashionably fun. Sequins fashions is still a hot trend for the 2017 fall season and Linston has

Shangani Fashion Debuts at New York Fashion Week

Shangani Fashion’s debut presentation during New York Fashion Week conveys contemporary cuts that are accented with vintage accessories. Shangani Fashion Designs are a juxtaposition of culture and style. Shangani Fashion is a brand inspired by the experience of travel and the exposure of different cultures.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga with Nikki a.k.a. Lovely Nicocoa

Yoga anyone? Well, how about Aerial Yoga with fitness model, Nikki?  Known on social media as @lovelynicocoa, fitness model Nikki has all eyes glued on her. This voluptuous and articulate Instagram model gracefully performs aerial yoga for 821K Instagram followers.  And along with the adventure



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