What is the Best Brazilian Hair?


What is the Best Brazilian Hair?
Well, that can be a difficult question to answer. But in simple terms, we all can imagine that with longer hair there are more possibilities and styling options. So, Brazilian hair extensions help you achieve more styling options and a perfect hair style suiting your personality and lustrous shiny hair that makes women everywhere envy you. Currently, Brazilian hair extensions are easily ordered online and delivered to you within days. All that’s left to do is set up an appointment with your stylist or your favorite hair salon and get the extensions woven into your hair follicles. Hair extensions seem to be the perfect solution for women who are tired of having weak or short hair, but desire long lustrous hair. Hair innovations have come a long way.
Now, you can master the art of looking glamorous with these human virgin hair extensions and flaunt that perfect look you’ve always imagined. Finding the best Brazilian Hair can be a very difficult process, so this site will aim to put together a resource of hair vendors and provide videos of experts in the field reviewing hair products and providing tutorials to assist you in deciding what really is the “Best Brazilian Hair.”

What’s so good about Brazilian Hair?

Source: Brazilianhairsale.net  Not all women are blessed with great hair but that shouldn’t stop anyone from looking fabulous. Hair styles are constantly changing as the seasons change and new designs come out. Since not all women have strong and versatile hair, hair weaves provide a convenient and trendy solution to hair trouble. Weaves weren’t always a common thing in hair style and fashion generally; great weaves were quite expensive so not many women bothered with them. But a lot has changed and over time women have come to experiment with all kinds of weaves, trying on different lengths, texture and color as different styles come and go.

There are some sure pros to wearing Brazilian weaves especially in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Apart from convenience, what other benefits can you expect from wearing Brazilian weaves?

Less maintenance:

Very few women can allocate hours everyday for fixing and styling their hair. Because of this, most choose to wear Brazilian hair extensions because they are easy to style especially when you’re in a hurry or if you have a lot of responsibilities. Women who work in less-than-glamorous environments could also benefit from weaves, especially if the hair keeps getting bungled.

Protective wear:

Sewn-in hair weaves are perfect for shielding against the normal wear and tear because they are braided close to the scalp and the extension hair is exposed to the elements. Excessive styling and heat from blow-dryers, hot rollers or flat irons tends to destroy hair, drying it out and splitting the ends. Brazilian Hair weaves protect your scalp and natural hair from harsh conditions and help accentuate your natural beauty.

Safety and Versatility:

Ever want to try a particular hair style? Perhaps you’d like to know how you’d look with kinky locks or an ultra-short cut. With hair extensions you can try different styles, see how you’d look in different colors, all without damaging your own hair. Some hair chemicals are harsh and damage the scalp and hair when used over a period of time but if you can weave the extensions in, you can wear a host of styles without causing damage to your natural hair.

Less time commitment:

Weaves can be worn for varied periods of time; some are designed to be worn for a day, others remain presentable for a couple of months with minimum commitment. Some hair styles are more rigid and have to stay on for a while before you can change or modify but weaves do not demand that kind of commitment. If you don’t like your weave you can go back to your stylist and have them change it or modify it any time, without damaging your own hair.

A lot of women wish they could experiment with different hair styles but the effects of using chemicals or making drastic changes to their hair makes that difficult. Weaves are the perfect solution for anyone who likes to have fun with different styles and does not like the commitment that comes with certain hair styles. If you’re planning to leave for a vacation then weaves will look great without you having to spend hours styling your hair; that way you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy time with
your family.

Types of Brazilian Hair (Source: Find this at Brazilianhairsale.net)

Brazilian Body Wave:

This texture has a big S-Curl pattern which can be styled up and maintain with ease, using flat irons or curling wands.  This hair usually has more  is silkier feel and a greater luster than Indian Hair Extensions. This hair is also able to keep curls very well and usually keep curls longer than most other types of Hair. It is chemically unprocessed and is sold in it’s natural state and color, which is usually 1b.

Curly Brazilian Hair:

This is hair which has a texture of which is similar to Afro-Caribbean Hair/African American Hair when brushed. This hair can also be straightened put with a flat iron or curling wand. This has a very natural appearance which is suitable for hair braiding, twisting and locking.

Brazilian Straight Hair:

This straight hair is usually straight but turns slightly wavy when it is wet. Along with the body wave and curly hair it can be either curled using the curling wand/flat iron or spiral curls or by applying Setting Lotion with rollers to create bouncy curls.

Virgin Brazilian Hair:

Virgin Brazilian Hair, must match rigorous requirements, which includes hair which has never been permed, dyed, colored, bleached, and chemically processed in any shape or form. This also means it comes from a single Brazilian donor, and all the cuticles are intact, and run in the same direction. If this hair is routinely maintained and cared for, can last up to a year.

Brazilian Remy Hair:

Brazilian Remy hair is made up of hair extensions which originate from a  high quality grade of virgin human hair, which is then chemically treated (dyed). Also, all hair strands are aligned in the same direction and consist of the same length in order to tangling while being worn.

Lace Closure:

A Lace Closure can either be glued on the front of your head or worn without glue unlike the full lace wig which requires one to tape or glue it unless you order glue-less cap. They cover the hairline from ear to ear and can be parted wherever the lace is.

Full Lace Wig:

Full lace wigs are very versatile. It allows you to wear your hair in ponytails and up-dos. The Brazilian Lace Closure on the other hand is not as versatile as it can only be worn as the style you chose or in a low ponytail. Full lace wigs on the other hand cover the whole head and can be parted anywhere allowing you to expose the nape of your neck if you choose to do so. Basically speaking, a full lace wig is just as good as your natural hair.

Top 3 Brazilian Hair Reviews:

Janet Collection Unprocessed Human Hair BRAZILIAN NATURAL WIG

Find this product at  Brazilianhairsale.net

I really love this pretty wig! The natural hair is smooth and silky and easy to style, color and care for. Since it is natural human hair, I can just wash and condition it just like I do my own hair. Once the wig is in place, I can run my fingers through it and treat it just like my own head of hair. It sheds a little, but then so does the hair on my own head, so I think that is to be expected.

I like to wear it down like in the picture, and I really appreciate that it is so easy to put it up in loose, pretty styles. I’m also thinking that it is a tremendous value because when it does eventually begin to fray, I can have it trimmed, cut or styled any way I like, so it will be just like having a new wig all over again! Just like the other reviewer, I really recommend looking at the YouTube tutorial to get a lot of excellent ideas to make the most of this great product.


100% Virgin Peruvian Body Wave Hair 3pcs 14″,16″ 18″ ,And 1 Piece Lace Closure 12″(4*4),4pcs Lot,natural Color   Find this product at  Brazilianhairsale.net

As soon as I got this hair, I put it in place and washed my hair and the hair extensions. I was happy with the results as the waves came right back after washing, and there was no loss of color. These hair extensions can be styled straight, yet when you want to revitalize the waves all you have to do is spritz with a little water.

I sealed the hair in place very carefully after that first washing and conditioned it and my own hair with some argan oil. I think it’s important to protect the installation very carefully by wearing a scarf at night and keeping the hair carefully sealed and conditioned. My friend ordered some after I did, but she did not take care of hers and did not have good results. Because I take good care of my hair extensions right from the start, I haven’t experienced much shedding of this hair. I think this hair is a very good deal, and my stylist agrees. I highly recommend this product, and I will definitely order more in the future.

Find this product at  Brazilianhairsale.net

I’m very glad that I took a chance on this! When my Virgin Brazilian Remy Human Hair Extensions came in, there was a smell to it, but no worse than any other hair extensions I’ve bought before. It’s just part of what you get, sometimes.

It was completely within the range of “normal”. I hardly noticed the smell after just one wash. The best part (other than how amazing I look with it in my hair, and how many compliments I get!) is that there has been very little shedding.

They are so soft and easy to work with, though, as they’re curly, they can get a bit tangled. It’s nothing that I couldn’t handle. I have been so happy that I got them, I do not regret it at all. It takes very little to make them look great. I love my extensions, and for only $165.00, it was a really great buy.

How to tell if Brazilian Hair is Real

When washing Brazilian Remy, any other so-called Virgin brazilian Remy or virgin hair, if you see a black dye coming out, then you can be very sure that it is not truly virgin hair. Some companies that sell hair claim that the hair they sell is virgin when it is actually not. There are a number of brands out there in the market that claim to sell Virgin Remy hair and attach a heavy price tag to it. It, therefore, becomes important for you to make sure that you know how to tell if Brazilian hair is real.

Real Remy Hair – What Is It

Remy refers to the hair chosen from a single donor after first taking into consideration its root end. The cuticles remain intact with each strand of hair facing the same direction. Frequently, Remy hair is also known by the name “cuticle hair”. To put it in simple terms, virgin hair is the hair that is not subjected to any kind of processing or treatment. This means that the hair has not been treated with chemicals including perm, relaxer, silicones dyes as well as colors. Thus, the purest form of hair available is Virgin Remy and the unprocessed hair has its cuticles intact.

You can never be sure of the authenticity of the hair that you purchase, if you are not buying Virgin Remy hair from one of the beauty supply stores. Another aspect that you need to look for is the color designation of hair – 2, 1B, etc. – to make sure that you are buying Virgin Remy hair. This is because it is neither colored nor treated and is available in natural black as well as brown color. Often, color labels are provided on packages, if hair has been dyed and treated to bring it to the required shade.

Fake Brazilian Hair, Real Brazilian Hair – How To Tell The Difference

The first test, therefore, that you can carry out to find out whether the hair claimed to be Virgin Remy hair is correct or not is the color. The virgin Brazilian Hair will always have the donor’s hair color. The color may range from natural black to browns. However, most often it is medium brown and lighter than the hair designated as 1B that you buy from a store. Another aspect is that the color of the entire bunch of hair is not likely to be uniform. This is because natural highlights (both darker and lighter) of the primary color can be present. Moreover, you will generally find grey hair strands in the package.

The second test that you can carry out to determine if the hair you want to buy is genuine Virgin Brazilian Remy or not is by looking at the grade and texture of the hair. Virgin Brazilian Remy will not be extremely straight or silky. Often, it is coarser and has a yaki-like texture, blending and resembling that of colored women. Hair that is not virgin is generally subjected to silicone treatment and chemical straightener coating. This gives hair a silky and straight appearance. You will be able to get a feeling of the coating, if you run your fingers through hair that is not actually virgin hair.

Another test is known as the flame test. Cut off a small sample of the hair which you purchased and place it directly above a small flame such as a cigarette lighter or a candle. Fake synthetic hair is extremely flammable and will produce a big flame when it comes into contact with a lighter, Real Virgin hair is not highly flammable, when it touches a flame it usually produces smoke but not a huge flame as synthetic hair does.

The most important test, however, that you can carry out to identify virgin hair is the wet test. If the hair is not virgin it feels heavy when it becomes wet. On the other hand, virgin hair will retain its wave pattern or natural curl even if it is wet. This is because product build-up and dirt are removed when hair is washed. You must, however, remember that hair that becomes curly or wavy when wetted need not necessarily be virgin Remy hair. Several lines may offer hair that is wet and wavy, but it may not be virgin or Remy.

Final Thought

Buying Virgin Brazilian hair can actually be considered as a great investment. This is because the natural shine, luster as well as texture of the virgin hair blend well with most types of natural hair. Further, the quality and versatility of this hair cannot be matched by any other type of hair. If you maintain it properly, this hair can stay tangle or matt free for many months. However, it is very important that you make sure that you are buying Genuine Virgin Brazilian hair before going ahead with the investment.

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