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Bryann AndreaThe stunning, natural beauty, Bryann Andrea is quickly becoming an internet sensation as her pictures and videos are traveling across the internet’s social media pages in lightning speeds. She’s garnered the attention of prominent hair stylists, and has written an article on Fashion Virtuoso Rick Moore, Founder of Nyla Elise Clothing. She’s captured in videos and photos, modeling clothes for recording artist Tsunami and she’s also interviewed and written an article on Joe Yung Spike, one of the most talented and sought after music video producers in the industry.  Bryann’s momentum is moving like a freight train and we’re excited to have her join us here on Chocolate Informed.  You can learn more about this stunning natural beauty below.


 Hi, I am Bryann Andrea, Brand Ambassador for Chocolate Informed Online Magazine. Those of you who have been following me on Twitter and Instagram are probably wondering how I arrived here on
Well, in a rather interesting turn of events, I was at Studio 624 finishing up my final photo shoot when the founder of the site happened to stop by. Talking about preparation and opportunity colliding head on! This was one of those moments that you were either going to sink or swim.  Needless to say,  I didn’t drown under the pressure.  Fortunately for me, my last few photos involved a scene with me standing in the rain.  And the photographer had an idea to use the website owner’s car in the shot and he obliged.    Later that evening, Sam Taylor, owner of  Diamond District Photography contacted Chocolate Informed and gave a glowing referral for me.  After a brief interview, I was offered an opportunity to assist in promoting, authoring articles, and modeling for the magazine. Now, I’ve embarked on an exciting journey in my life and with assistance from Diamond District, I’ve been able to rapidly jump start my modeling career. Presently,  I attend Shaw University full time as a student athlete on the women’s basketball team. Along with college and a career in modeling, I’ll continue to work with several marketing agencies, networking communication departments, and nonprofit organizations. I am very excited to be part of  Chocolate Informed Online Magazine where I will be covering the latest celebrity and entertainment news plus interviewing a variety of people for our featured articles.  Follow me and remember, “Chocolate Informed is the only way you’ll wanna be informed…”~ Bryann Andrea




Bryann Andrea conducts her first interview for Chocolate Informed Online Magazine.
Chocolate Informed sits down with The Triangle’s Top hair stylist and discusses her upcoming move to ATL, how she got started doing hair, her influences, and more…

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