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Kountry WayneChocolate Informed heard about Kountry Wayne (aka Wayne Colley) back in January of this year, but never could seem to catch one of his moments of comedic genius until now.  And I have to agree, this brother is straight out hilarious.  [Scroll down for video]

Wayne Colley is a Superstar Comedian on the rise! However, if you asked him to describe himself, he would say he is just a humble guy from the small town of Millen, Georgia wishing to make sure he provides not only a stable life for his seven children, but also a lasting faith-based legacy!

Not a flashy guy at all, King Kountry Wayne, as he is known online, resides and runs two successful businesses in South Georgia. He currently has a following on social media of over a MILLION raving fans who support his comedic ventures fully! Yet, this was not the intention from the start. Read more about King Kountry Wayne…

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Below are just a couple of his videos that will have you rolling on the floor.   Check out more of Kountry Wayne’s Videos on KingKountryWayne.com
Kountry Wayne Videos

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